Friday, April 25, 2014

Exchange 2010 rollup update installations for lazy people

Hey folks,

It is a wonderful cloudy Friday morning. So in this short posts I will share with you some of the commands I used to install RU5 for Exchange 2010 SP3.

I used this command for silent RU installation:

msiexec /update Exchange2010-KB2917508-x64-en.msp /qn /L* RU5InstallLog.txt .

First of all., it silently executes RU5 installation on server which allows you to have a cup of tea, rather than pressing Next button every time. Or even better you can use Group Policy in your AD or SCCM to automatically publish RU5 installation.

Pleas note /L* RU5InstallLog.txt parameter. This doesn't keep you blind on how your installation goes. But rather creates a log file which you can check for the details of your installation.

And finally msiexec /update Exchange2010-KB2917508-x64-en.msp /qn /L*v RU5InstallLog.txt creates a verbose log which is necessary if your installation is failing and you need to troubleshoot it as I did in

Enjoy! Happy Friday!

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