Friday, October 10, 2014

Reporting ActiveSync Devices' Details

Hi folks,

Looks that I haven't posted on my blog for the good couple months, as I've been off for holiday and then spent all my weekdays evening preparing for certification exams.

This post will be quite short. As IOS 8 became available and many people started updating their iPhone and iPad devices, I have been requested by the client of mine to extract information about the information about the devices that are using ActiveSync to connect to their Exchange mailboxes.

The command Get-ActiveSyncDevice allows you to extract information about ActiveSync devices that are connected to your Exchange 2010 or 2013 environment. Depending of what you need in your report you can select different attributes of the retrieved ActiveSync devices.

In my case final code was pretty easy and straightforward and produced CSV file with the report which went to the CTO's desk.

Get-ActiveSyncDevice -ResultSize unlimited |select UserDisplayName,DeviceType,DeviceId,DeviceOS,DeviceModel,Frie
ndlyName |Export-Csv D:\Software\EAS_Device_Report.csv

And the report looks like this:

Hope it helps you as it helped me.

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