Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Quick Retrieving of Windows Updates installed in Exchange Environment

Hi folks,

I would love to share with you a quick and easy way to retrieve Windows updates installed in your Exchange 2010/2013 estate.

Instead of logging on locally to each server all you need is to execute Get-WmiObject -Class "win32_quickfixengineering" command against each server.

In my case I have simply added to the pipe all the Exchange servers that are domain members (usually Edge Transport servers are not added to the domain and the command should be executed against them separately). So if you don't run Edge servers in your environment there's no need to

So my command to retrieve this information looks like this (please note that I used Sort command to arrange patches based on server name and date of the installation)

Get-ExchangeServer | Where-Object {$_.ServerRole -ne "Edge"} |foreach {Get-WmiObject -Class "win32_quickfixengineering" -ComputerName $_.Name} |sort Source,InstalledOn

Optionally you can export the information to CSV file (screenshots below) to get more comprehensive report or use Select-Object command to limit it to certain parameters you're interested in.