Friday, July 31, 2015

Quickly Retrieving Information on Receiving Connectors

Hi folks,

Just wanted to share with you a quick way to retrieve information about receive connectors on Exchange 2010/2013 servers.

As you know receive connectors are managed on transport (mailbox) servers and in order to retrieve information you need to retrieve receive connector information from every server. This is when standardization is helpful even in big environments.

So, let's imagine that you have large and highly standardized environment. On every transport server you have a receive connector named "From Internet" which is used to receive information from outer world and you need to retrieve information about it.

The 2 following strings help you to retrieve the information about the receive connector named "From Internet" from all hub transport (or mailbox) servers in your environment.

1st we create variable for all the transport servers in environment:

For Exchange 2007/2010 it will be:

$TrpSrv = Get-TransportServer -Identity *EX0* |sort Name

For Exchange 2013 and later:

$TrpSrv = Get-TransportService -Identity *EX0* |sort Name

And as soon as we have variable populated against every server in variable we execute command like below:

$TrpSrv |foreach {Get-ReceiveConnector -Server $_.Name |where {$_.Name -like "*Internet*"}}