Thursday, August 6, 2015

Retrieving Information about AD Related Settings of Exchange Servers

Hi folks!

Just wanted to share with you a quick way to retrieve information on how your Exchange servers. You can do it easily by executing Get-ExchangeServer cmdlet.

Please note that if you have static domain controllers or global catalogs hardcoded on your Exchange server you will need to use -Status parameter. In addition to get readable values in your CSV file (if you need to create a report you will need to configure expression like this @{N="Static GC";E={$_.StaticGlobalCatalogs}}.

So the sample script for all Exchange 2010 and later serves will be like this:

Get-ExchangeServer -Status|sort Name |select Name,Site,@{N="Static GC";E={$_.StaticGlobalCatalogs}} |Export-Csv D:\Scripts\Exchange-Sites-GC.csv