Friday, October 30, 2015

Uninstalling Exchange 2010 and IIS Metabase Error

Hi folks,

I would love to share with you about my recent adventure. I was working on the project which required uninstall of Exchange 2010. When uninstalling a server with the CAS role I faced the following error:

Looking it up in Google pointed me to the cases when people were trying to install Exchange 2010 (which is running the same installation program as in uninstall). Most of them like this one were pointing that some of Exchange prerequisites, especially IIS related were missing.

From the first glance all was fine IIS was available and all the components were around. I could clearly see in the Server Manager or when running Get-WindowsFeature cmdlet (please don't forget to import Server Manager PowerShell module if you're running this cmdlet in Windows 2008 R2). However when opening Server Manager I paid attention to the Roles Summary section which showed red cross next to the Web Server (IIS).

Digging further revealed that the IISADMIN service was stopped and disabled.

The solution was very simple. Set startup type for the service to Automatic and start this service. This can be done either by using services.msc console or by running the following 2 commands:

Get-Service IISADMIN |Set-Service -StartupType Automatic

Start-Service IISADMIN

After IIS admin has started I clicked on the Retry button to check prerequisites again and I have got so long desired state:

So my final advice would be when uninstalling Exchange 2010 not to stop and/or any of the services on which Exchange is depending. All you need is simply have it drained of connections and removed from all the load balancers so that no client access traffic comes to it. Un-installation program will do all the magic for you.