Friday, April 8, 2016

Reporting Receive Connectors in Multi-Site Environment

Hi folks,

In this short post I would love to share with you a script which allowed me to retrieve list of receive connectors.

In my scenario I needed to retrieved list of receive connectors which are located in one of 2 locations. Let's say they are located in San Francisco and New York. I needed to retrieve receive connectors only in San Francisco. If you run Get-ReceiveConnector command you will retrieve all receive connectors in all servers.

I chose to use identity parameter for my filtering. As you know identity of receive connector will be something like Server\Connector Name. Let's imagine that we need front end receive connectors for client connections in San Francisco only and exclude any receive connectors in New York, and also that server names in New York start with NY. As the result I have got the following code (which also drops them to:

Get-ReceiveConnector |Where-Object {$_.Identity -like "*Client Front*" -and $_.Identity -notlike "NY*"} |select Identity,Enabled,@{N="Bindings";E={$_.Bindings}} |Export-Csv c:\temp\SanFrancisco-ReceiveConnectors.csv


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