Friday, June 2, 2017

Another BackEnd Site Fixing (This Time for PowerShell)

Hi folks,

I have already shared in this post about my adventures with Exchange Management Shell and other CAS protocols which are caused by misconfigured back end web site on an Exchange 2016 Mailbox server.

Recently I have had yet another adventure. When launching Exchange Management Shell I saw the following error and PowerShell connected to another Exchange server in the same AD site:

Furthermore, I have discovered in the Application log the error event 1003 for Microsoft Front End HTTP Proxy followed by the warning event 1309 for ASP.NET:

My investigation has lead me to this article according to which this is caused by misconfigured certificate on the Exchange Back End web site. This can be easily seen when the binding for port 444 is checked:

All you need to do is to select the self signed certificate with the friendly name of "Microsoft Exchange" and click OK button:

After this you will need to run IIS reset or restart the server after which Exchange Management Shell can be accessed and used again.