Monday, May 23, 2016

CU12 Upgrade and Faulty Services

Hi folks,

I have recently encountered the problem when trying to upgrade my Exchange 2013 CU9 server to CU12. Right after executing installation program I got the following error:

Some google-ing let me to this thread.

The solution suggested at one of the posts by configuring startup type of automatic to Winmgmt, Remote Registry, WWW Publishing Service and IISAdmin did its magic.

Below is the code for configuring them:

Get-Service -name winmgmt, remoteregistry, w3svc, iisadmin | set-service -startuptype

Get-Service -name winmgmt, remoteregistry, w3svc, iisadmin | Start-Service

In my case I also had to restart servers after configuring the services.

Rerunning of Exchange 2013 CU12 upgrade succeeded.


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