Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Exchange Management Troubleshooter and Exchange 2013/16

Hi folks,

I have been recently working on troubleshooting of Exchange Management Shell (EMS) on a newly installed Exchange 2016 server. My investigations led me to this KB article from Microsoft Support site. It was suggesting to use Exchange Management Troubleshooter (EMTShooter.ps1) to troubleshoot EMS on my server. It is indeed a great tool as it checks all the configuration bits on which EMS relies and in some cases can fix them automatically. You can read more about EMTShooter here and download it from here.

However when attempting to run it on my Exchange 2016 box I got the following error:

This was pointing that HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v14\Setup key was missing. It is needed in order to read information about where Exchange binaries have been installed. However this key is absent on Exchange 2013/16 servers and information about installation path is rather located at HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v15\Setup key.

Therefore in order to make EMTShooter.ps1 you will need to edit it either in notepad and locate there the following line:

$global:exinstall = (get-itemproperty HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v14\Setup).MsiInstallPath

There you will need to replace 4 with 5 in order to get it looking as follows:

$global:exinstall = (get-itemproperty HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v15\Setup).MsiInstallPath

This does the magic and EMTShooter,ps1 can now be executed against Exchange 2013/16 servers.


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