Friday, September 23, 2016

Exchange CU Installation and NetBackup

Hi folks,

I want to share with you quickly about another error you may face when upgrading your Exchange 2013/16 server with Cumulative Updates. In my case it was that setup stopped with this error:

Setup can't continue with the upgrade because the monad (7452), monad (13944), monad (15320), monad (15356), monad (15416) has open files. Close the process, and then restart Setup

Of course process ID for monad on your server may be different. Investigation led me to this TechNet forum thread. It was pointing that Symantec NetBackup has been holding some of the files open which prevented successful proceeding with the installation. To solve this I have simply stopped all the NetBackup related services (of course you will need to negotiate it with your backup team) and restarted the installation process which completed successfully.


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