Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Seeing Exchange 2010 Databases in Exchange 2013/16 EMS

Hi folks,

Just wanted to share with you about quick way to deal with Exchange 2010 databases in Exchange 2013/16 management shell. Of course you should not try to change their settings via the later version EMS, as it's MS's golden rule that you manage Exchange with its own tools. However you may need this command to retrieve some of the settings from your 2010 databases in order to configure the same for your 2013/16 databases. Or retrieve mailboxes in these DB for further move to the latter version.

The command below will allow you to retrieve Exchange 2010 DBs info from the Exchange 2013/16 MS:

Get-MailboxDatabase -Identity DB00* -IncludePreExchange2013

Above sample retrieves all Exchange 2010 mailbox databases that start with DB00. If you don't include IncludePreExchange2013 you will get Exchange 2013/16 databases only or your AD will complain that it doesn't have this information.


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