Thursday, March 2, 2017

And Back to the Subject of ActiveSync Devices Reporting

Hi folks,

I have already shared with you about creating reports for Exchange ActiveSync devices using PowerShell. You can read this post about it.

I have recently discovered this reporting script for reporting ActiveSync devices published here by Paul Cunningham. All the information about it can be found in the article as well as in this Paul's post. The script is amazing and perfectly fits the purpose.

However, there're couple of the things that are missing in the script. First, if you have a multi-domain forest it is possible that not all of your mailboxes are retrieved and added to the report. To fix it you will need to edit the script and add the following line:

Set-AdServerSettings -ViewEntireForest:$true

I have added this line after the section which loads Exchange 2013 management shell as below:

This script is also good for creating ActiveSync reports from Office 365. However when trying to run this from my Windows 10 laptop I would be greeted with error like below:

This is quite easy to fix. Simply remove the whole section which loads on-premises EMS and run script from the remote PowerShell session connected to Office 365 endpoint. To be clear this is what you need to remove from the script to run it successfully against the cloud: