Thursday, March 2, 2017

Creating Reports from Admin Audit Logs

Hi folks,

In this post I would love to share with you some of experience that I had with Audit logs in Exchange. You well know about admin audit and mailbox audit logs available in Exchange and their usage so I won't spend too much time discussing them, but rather jump into some examples of retrieving info from admin audit logs.

So I once was requested about preparing report on who removed user mailboxes and also who added extra permissions to them. The 2 below lines provide code which retrieve when the commands which remove and disable mailboxes and also that assign permissions to the mailbox and also who ran them and when.

Search-AdminAuditLog -Cmdlets Disable-Mailbox, Remove-Mailbox -StartDate 09/20/2016 -EndDate 09/22/2016 |select ObjectModified,CmdletName,@{N="CmdletParameters";E={$_.CmdletParameters}},Caller,ExternalAccess,Succeeded,RunDate,OriginatingServer,ObjectState |export-csv C:\Reports\Lost-MBX-Report.csv

Search-AdminAuditLog -Cmdlets Add-MailboxPermission, Add-ADPermission -StartDate 11/18/2016 -EndDate 11/21/2016 |select ObjectModified,CmdletName,@{N="CmdletParameters";E={$_.CmdletParameters}},Caller,ExternalAccess,Succeeded,RunDate,OriginatingServer,ObjectState |export-csv C:\Reports\AD-Perm-Report.csv

There is also a nicer way to create reports from Admin Audit Logs and this article was very helpful as it points to this script which allows creating quite a nice and readable reports. Imagine you were requested to generate a report on which databases mailboxes have been moved. You will need to execute the code below which will generate reports similar to the ones that are generated by one-liners above:

$AdmSearch = Search-AdminAuditLog -Cmdlets new-moverequest,New-MigrationBatch
$AdmSearch | .\Get-SimpleAuditLogReport.ps1 –agree |Export-csv MigrationCmdlets.csv

The most valuable information is that the full command is being reported which gives you a good picture what was exactly happening in your environment.

Of course you can modify your request for admin log search to anything you like or need. Just use this article for more information.