Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Extracting AD Group Members Using PowerShell

Hi guys,

Imagine you know the name of the distribution list of the AD group which is not mail-enabled and you will need to extract members of it. The below code should come to your help. I personally ran it from the Exchange Management Shell and had AD PowerShell module loaded (which is needed on any machine running Exchange tools anyway. The first line extracts distinguished name of the group into a variable, while the second one is extracting group members (in my case attributes like DistinguishedName and samAccountName (you can change output attributes just as you need). These attributes are dropped into the CSV file.

$Grp = (Get-Group MyGroupName).DistinguishedName

Get-ADGroupMember $Grp |select DistinguishedName,SamAccountName |Export-Csv c:\Scripts\GrpMbr.csv


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