Monday, January 16, 2017

Some Additions to My Old ActiveSync Reporting Post

Hi folks,

Couple of years ago I have shared with you this post on the code that can be used for reporting of the ActiveSync devices. It still remains valid. However, I'd love to post here some amendments that may be useful for you.

Firstly, Microsoft has introduced in Exchange 2013 the cmdlet Get-MobileDeviceStatistics which at one point may replace Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics and I won't be surprised that the latter one will be deprecated in one of the next builds or major versions. Therefore I have updated my code using it. And secondly I also wanted to report some more information into my report. I wanted to be able to report user agent and also when the device has successfully synced last time. Therefore parameters LastSuccessSync and DeviceUserAgent have been added to the code. The updated code looks like as below, and I would recommend using it with Exchange 2013 and 2016.

$EasUser=Get-CASMailbox -ResultSize Unlimited |Where-Object {$_.HasActiveSyncDevicePartnership-eq 'True'}
$EasUser | foreach {Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $_.Name | select identity,LastSuccessSync,devicetype,deviceid,DeviceUserAgent,isremotewipesupported,LastSuccessSync} |Export-Csv D:\MessagingMetricsReports\ActiveSyncUsageReport.csv

Again, you can add as many parameters as you want to see in your final report.