Thursday, January 12, 2017

Resetting IDRAC on Dell Servers

Hi folks,

If you are using Dell R720 or R730 you may have encountered IDRAC, a Java-based tool that allows us to remotely connect to server and manage it from console without a need to go to a datacenter and play with KVM there.

However this is what I once encountered. I saw that the Volume Console Preview shows me black screen while trying to connect to server remotely. In the Virtual Console Preview on the IDRAC page instead of server login page I would see black screen:

When trying to launch remote console I would see the error as below:

To resolve this, you will need to launch Command Line (not PowerShell!) as admin on your server and run the below command:

racadm racreset soft

Give it about 5 Minutes to reset and then login to IDRAC again and in the virtual console section you will see the following in the Virtual Console Preview section:

This indicates that the command has done the magic and you now can click Launch to connect to your server's console remotely.

I hope you will find this helpful.


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